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Hi guys!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately! I’ve been working on a couple of side projects, and dealing with some family drama. Always fun when that interferes! But I haven’t stopped working. I’m tooling around with an idea for a web comic. Something fun and adventurous….


I can’t go into much right now as it’s all still heavily in development, but it’s coming along quickly. I hope to start posting things soon! Don’t worry, I’m still working on Sancte! This is a spare time kinda thing :D

In OTHER news, I’m doing a podcast with my good buddy Stephen Wittmaak (www.theswitt.com) called The Naked Nerdcast. We’re hitting the good old pop-culture review wagon to talk about some of the things that we’re excited about as nerds, but mostĀ of the show is dedicated to working as an artist, getting better, con tactics, etc. much like this blog. We’ll also be interviewing some really cool up and coming indie folks about their work in the comics industry. It’s really going to be a lot of fun! Check it out here http://nakednerdcast.aarpieart.com

Stay tuned for new updates coming soon, guys! Thanks for all the love and support.



Phew! I’ve finally got all my portfolio content up, and my commissions page is done. That’s a big chunk out of what I wanted to do. Next step is to finish up some prints so I can get my store page finished! Gotta get more headway on Sancte before I can sit down on that. But it’s coming! Thanks for being patient with me, guys! I’m trying to get everything good and shiny for ya!

Talk to you soon!

What the heck, Aarpie!

I know, I know! Where’s the content! It’s coming guys, I promise. I’m trying to make sure that what I’m putting up here reflects where I’m actually at as an illustrator, rather than where I was at artistically, and that’s taking a bit to get out. Stay tuned, though! There’s should bee some good stuff rolling up shortly! Stay tuned!