Time Is Ticking Away

“I don’t have time.”

I bet… you do. Don’t believe me? Are you on Facebook? Twitter? New Grounds? Is Team Fortress 2 loading up in the background? What about television? Binge watching Game of Thrones again? Hours, my friend. Hours of your day are passing you buy.

One of the biggest excuses that I hear from artists – one that until recently I was horribly guilty of myself – is ‘I don’t have time’. The truer statement is “I’m not using the time I have wisely.”

Recently, I sat down on my train ride home and figured out my free time (thinking, certainly, I wouldn’t have any spare time to art). Twice a day, I had 45 minutes to and from work on the train to update my social media sites or work on thumbnails and roughs for prints and comic pages. I get home around 6:30 on a normal day. Help with some chores, hang out with the fam, eat dinner, and take a shower. Now it’s 8:30. Aaaaahhh… well, that’s convenient because that’s when the kids are supposed to turn off the video games and TV and start getting ready for bed. Well looky there, I’m done with my chores and I’ve got two or three hours that I can work on my art before bed.

That’s 10 to 15 hours a week… and that’s just Monday through Friday. Add the weekend to that: Sleep in (I get up at 5am on the weekdays for my day job, so sleeping in is 8 or 9) get the dogs fed and out. Do my chores. Maybe run out for breakfast with my lady. Now it’s 1pm, maybe 2pm. There’s 8 hours of time there, at least! Now, maybe you’ve got activities on the weekend. That’s fine, cut that out of the free time, and you’ve still got hours of left over time to devote to your art. Add Sunday into that and you’re looking at more hours still.

I’d wager, based on my hectic schedule and the amount of time that I really have, that the average person has between 20 and 30 hours of time that they could set aside a week, and it’s getting squandered on Facebook, Netflix, or the Xbox. Think about that. Think about how much advancement you could see in that time! Make the effort, not the excuse! You’ll see yourself grow, and you’ll find yourself WANTING to art, because you’ll want to see what you’ll get better at today.

Art is something you never stop learning, you never stop improving. It’s infinitely gratifying in just about every way, but you have to commit and have that drive and dedication. You can do it! I believe in ya! :D

Talk soon, guys!

2 thoughts on “Time Is Ticking Away

  1. Ken Leinaar

    I have the hardest time with over-committing, and then budgeting my time. It seems that when I try to self-schedule my art-time, something gets. . .SQUIRREL!!!!

    1. Aarpie!

      LOL! I think that’s the plight of artists everywhere, man. We’re naturally fascinated by the world around us, so it makes it crazy hard to focus on things sometimes. There’s a reason why, if you look at my commissions page, I’ve got five slots. when those are filled, I’m not taking anymore until a slot or two opens up. It’s sort of a forced time management method for me :)

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