The Talent Trap

I hate talent. I hate it. With a passion. I hate the very concept and idea. It’s insulting, it’s demeaning, and it’s discouraging. And so many people fall into the “talent trap”.

So why the rage? Let’s talk about “Talent”.


Why am I so enraged and angry about this talent thing? Because it’s non-existent. There’s drive, there’s passion, there’s skill, and there’s practice. But there is no such thing as “talent”. People refer to it as though it’s some sort of ancient mystical force that magically gives it’s wielder the ability to draw like a champ, or design graphics like there’s no tomorrow.

The bottom line is, these artists that you say are so talented and that you’re not as talented as have nothing magical over you. They have drive, passion, skill, and practice. Now, I could spend this entire blog post complaining about talent and why I hate it, but let’s break this down into something more useful.


No height is unobtainable for your artistic endeavors. You want to paint as well as Michaelangelo? Get those paints out! You want to draw like Greg Capullo (I know I do), then get those pencils out. Find where you’re lacking.

Is it the drive you’re lacking? Focus on your time management so you can fuel your passion, make time to learn and delve into magazines like ImagineFX or comic books, or art books. Make yourself draw, make yourself practice, sketch, paint. Find things that inspire you, find things that make you WANT to pick up your tool of choice and draw or paint or whatever else and make time to do it. Be driven to make it a part of your every day life.

Skill holding you back? Skill and practice go hand in hand. You must practice to gain skill, so if you practice, you’ll gain skill and as you gain skill you’ll be practicing. Two birds with one stone! Art constantly! sketch people in the train station, paint a photo realistic canvas of your cable box at home (complete with dust bunnies), do whatever you can to practice your craft and improve. Read books, go through tutorials. In this world of information overload, there’s no reason to grow stagnant.

Passion… ah, that’s the tricky one. See… passion is something you’ve either got, or you don’t. Passion is something that stirs up deep in your gut and makes you want to art ad nauseum. You can stir up a passion, you can become passionate about something at any point in your life, and your passions may shift as time goes on, but if you don’t have a burning passion for art, you’ll fall short. Passion alone doesn’t give you any type of magical skills either, though. It’s just what inspires you to do better and learn your craft. Look at art that moves you, watch movies, play video games, do anything that can make you passionate to go draw and learn. If you see art that makes you go “I want to DO that!” then find more of it, fill your mind with it, and with that goal in mind, set forth to gather the skill, the drive, and the practice you need to make it so!

Don’t fall into the talent trap, if your passion is here you can do it. You just have to make it happen! You make your own talent, it doesn’t make you.

Until next time guys!