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Dreams that Drive You.

      You can’t dream too big. You can’t.

You. Can’t.

Never let anyone tell you that your dreams are too big or unattainable. They might be the most pie in the sky out there dreams in the world, but that’s the point of dreams! But what if you don’t succeed? Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. Even if you don’t hit that pinnacle, that perfect ideal in your mind, you will still find yourself in an equally amazing place just by trying to get there. Sometimes failing to attain your ultimate dream isn’t failure at all.

But what do you do with you dream once you have it? Let’s talk about my dream jobs: I want to be a conceptual design artist for Blizzard Entertainment, and do freelance Illustration for DC comics in my spare time.


Blizzard Offices


DC’s New California Location

That’s an insane amount of work, right? It sure is! Maybe even more than I could actually handle, but it does give me a specific set of skills (many of which are overlapping) to focus in on: Illustration and Digital Painting.

These are pie in the sky, oh my god amazing jobs that I may never get. But what I can do is start focusing on the skills that it would take for me to get there. I can start working on my illustration skills, my inking, my sequential art because whether I work for DC or not, I love doing comic book illustration. So maybe I wind up working for Boom! or Dynamite… who cares? I’ll be happy, and I’ll have the skills developed for it.

I can start working on my digital painting and conceptual design work. Maybe I work for an indie game company locally. Either way, I’m doing what I love.

And maybe, just maybe, I get noticed by Blizzard and start working for DC. But I will never – NEVER – get that dream if I’m not working for it. I can’t stress enough how important this is, whether your focus is art or any other field. Never stop dreaming, never stop wanting your dreams. Even if you find yourself somewhere that you’re happy, keep trying for that dream!

Motivate yourself to keep learning, keep growing, keep getting better. Keep sending in applications or portfolios. Keep that dream alive, it’s what will help you grow and flourish, even if it never comes to fruition.

And that’s the important part: Don’t let the dream get you down. Find happiness where you are, find contentment. Let them motivate you and inspire you, but never let them discourage you. That’s not what dreams or for.

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. 

Shoot for the moon, guys :)