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Books: Will Eisner’s Comics and Sequential Art

One of the things that I want to do with this blog is to spread the word about books, websites, tools, and other resources that have helped me to improve as an artist. I’ve had to stumble across these items over the years, but I want to put them in one place so that the next kid who starts the long hard crawl up the ladder has an easier time of it.

To that end, I start with one of my favorite books: Will Eisner’s Comics and Sequential Art.


Many beginning illustrators approach sequential art with the mindset that it’s just drawing cool pictures in boxes, never understanding the importance of layout and the flow of the page. This book by Will Eisner is probably one of the best resources talking about how to make your Sequential Art flow.  While Will Eisner’s style of art might be a little outdated by today’s standards, his grasp of sequential storytelling is beyond compare. I don’t know of anyone active today who has the same level of understand. This book will take you through page layout, timing, and every other element of sequential design you could ask for.

This is not a how to draw book. You won’t find pages and pages about anatomy or foreshortening. This is a technique book, it’s a professional’s book. It’s also a really enjoyable read as it’s littered with stories by Eisner himself. This is a book that I still pull out and read on a regular basis, just to keep the ideas and concepts fresh in my mind, even if it’s just a second here or a second there.

Don’t just read this book: Study it. Study it like it’s final exam time all over again. Learn it, know it. You’ll find yourself using the techniques without even thinking about them because once they’re in your head they just make sense. I have read other books and write-ups by artists who are amazingly talented and they helped, but nothing brought the art of sequential story telling into clearer focus than this.

Check it out! You won’t regret it!